Jorja Smith - Blue Lights (Official Video)
Debut album 'Lost & Found' featuring 'Blue Lights', 'The One', 'Where Did I Go?' & 'Don't Watch Me Cry' available now. Listen / Buy:
Video Credits:
Director - Olivia Rose -
Producer - The Mill / FAMM
Audio Credits:
Performed by
Jorja Smith -
Produced by
Additional production, mixed and mastered by Engine-Earz:

  • Raphaël Delan
    Raphaël Delan

    Can someone point me to the original of the DRUM SAMPLE? I have a feelin it's pitched and slowed down from the original. Have the original somewhere in my vinyl vaults and cannot get my head around it... #originalbreak #drumbreak #sampleculture #sampling #originalsample Anyway, mesmerizing how she channels #amywinehouse #erykahbadu #laurynhill, even #billieholiday and early dancehall style #rihanna

  • butter croissant
    butter croissant

    I wanna turn those blue lights into strobe lights Not blue flashing lights, maybe fairy lights Those blue lights into strobe lights Maybe even fairy lights, not blue flashing lights Don't you run when you hear the sirens coming When you hear the sirens coming you'd better not run 'Cause the sirens not coming for you What have you done? You went to school that day Was a bit late, but it wasn't Monday Kept after class for answering back You apologized, ain't no harm in that What have you done? (Into strobe lights) There's no need to run (Not blue flashing lights) If you've done nothing wrong Blue lights should just pass you by (maybe even fairy lights) Gun crime into your right ear Drugs and violence into your left Before white headphones flooding The auditory subconscious waves you accept You're sitting on the 4 back home (Where you're at G answer your phone?) Pause the poison to answer his message Your boy sounds rush, fears for his adolescent What have you done? (Into strobe lights) There's no need to run (Not blue flashing lights) If you've done nothing wrong Blue lights should just pass you by (maybe even fairy lights) Tall black shadow as you're getting off the bush Shadow shows no emotion, so what's even the fuss? But the face of your boy casts a darker picture Of the red handed act he's gonna whisper Look blood, I'm sorry 'cause I know you got my back He was running, I couldn't think I had to get out of that Not long ago, you were miming to the "Shook Ones" Now this really is part two, 'cause you're the shook one Hands you the tool as you question your friendship How's man like you gonna make me a convict? Level of a felon when I've done nothing wrong Blood on my hands, but I don't know where it's from, oh You got blood on your hands, but you don't know where it's from You'd better run when you hear the sirens coming When you hear the sirens coming Better run when you hear the sirens coming 'Cause they will be coming for you Run when you hear the sirens coming Better run when you hear the sirens coming When you hear the sirens coming The blue lights are coming for you What have you done? (Into strobe lights) There's no need to run (Not blue flashing lights) If you done nothing wrong Blue lights should just pass you by hmm (maybe even fairy lights) Run when you hear the sirens coming Don't you run when you hear the sirens coming Run when you hear the sirens coming Don't you run when you hear the sirens coming What have you done Don't you run Don't you run Don't you run when you hear the sirens coming

  • Lenon Cáceres
    Lenon Cáceres

    Ahi quedo naty peluzo

  • Taka Kura
    Taka Kura

  • Ezorde

    The beginning of the song sounds like a Touhou theme.

  • Carl Uithaler
    Carl Uithaler


  • lucie

    really off topic but i live where this was filmed (:

  • Markus Vrsic
    Markus Vrsic

    MTV brought me here

  • Noris Strauss
    Noris Strauss


  • John Hogan
    John Hogan

    One of the best out there old school 👌

  • Die Larryz
    Die Larryz

    Wer ist wegen Keemo hier ? Ganz stark das gemeinsame Projekt!

  • LpNicB

    Wer ist auch hier wegen der Machiavelli-Session mit OG Keemo. Heftig

    • SABE OG
      SABE OG

      Ich schwör ich fühl euch beide 😭

    • Deftiges Huhn
      Deftiges Huhn

      Fr. Kein song hat mich in letzter zeit so gecatcht wie das hier

  • Drea’soddworld :3
    Drea’soddworld :3

    I just discovered her and I’m inlove.

  • Кирилл Сухопара
    Кирилл Сухопара

    It reminds me of one French movie called «La haine »

  • Karen CRAZY
    Karen CRAZY

    I think this song does represent a lot, police brutality that young black people face, the poverty in Walsall, the fact that so many people in Walsall are seen to have no future but say in Walsall their life.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel
    Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Healing vibe 💜


    I'm here from tiktok

  • J Deniro1
    J Deniro1

    If you LIKE this =Grover Washington just the two of us. To all DJs, beat Junkies, crate diggers please remix this and flip the samples. Peace

  • Unathi Sejam
    Unathi Sejam

    I'm I the only one watching this in December


    Big up the Brummies in this

  • Tara Bridgart
    Tara Bridgart

    Lol just found out that all this was filmed right next to mine and has my grandad in it 😂

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler

    beat is good but she destroyed the song its so trash

  • Polar Torsen
    Polar Torsen

    Does anyone has the previous version of this music video? I liked it more.

  • Roxieee

    this song is beautiful. rip george floyd🕊

  • Michal Kdovíjakÿ
    Michal Kdovíjakÿ

    Outstanding! 🖤🖤🖤 amazing work, Jorja!

  • Nickolas H
    Nickolas H

    Real music finds you, you don't look for it.

  • tehee

    On hold with Apple, and this bop started playing. It's not the greatest song ever, but I dig the aesthetic

  • Sakraa popozuda
    Sakraa popozuda

    Mano eu amo essa musica vey❤ O começo mano PERFEITO😍

  • ilhamws

    first frame caught me offguard

    • ilhamws

      cameraman hella sus

  • Nick Hunter
    Nick Hunter


  • doquknlc


  • Alyshia Archer
    Alyshia Archer

    If you actually hear it through headphones you'll see.. Js

  • Chris Wallwork
    Chris Wallwork

    M2 bcfc

  • Whelan Barzey
    Whelan Barzey

    Caught on to this song and this whole album late... amazing

  • Lola Solei
    Lola Solei

    OMG this is amazing this is my fav song now

  • Wash Lima
    Wash Lima

    I wanna give it 1.000.000 likes

  • paul bellenie
    paul bellenie

    There is so much talent around, but Jorja is flying way above them, she is in the stratosphere.

  • JunkSoap

    Lauryn, Sia, Amy and Alicia combined...

  • Bana Goldman
    Bana Goldman

    i just ran cross sum heat

  • Yenifer Rimac abrigo
    Yenifer Rimac abrigo

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰😍😍 I LOVE YOU

  • Sherigan Blanco
    Sherigan Blanco

    why this song isn´t famous it´s beautiful and so emotive...

  • Alondra Saucedo
    Alondra Saucedo

    She say "run, when you hear the sirens coming" and in 3:10 that white guy get up and get out, it's like he's the guilty for some crime, but the black ones keep on sitting on the couch, cuz they did nothing... But we know how it is...

  • Moks M
    Moks M

    Could vibe to this day!!!

  • Mpho Mvelase
    Mpho Mvelase

    Nice track to listen to..when smoking a blunt,more highness 🔥

  • Isobel Grech
    Isobel Grech


  • L Taylor
    L Taylor

    Imagine having amazing vocals and meaningful lyrics but still be criminally underrated.

  • Erva Shelby
    Erva Shelby

    there is a child. ı love him so much but he never looked at me, so sorry. if you are reading this i love you.

  • Mrakra R.
    Mrakra R.

    para mi este tema es una obra maestra para mi GRACIAS Jorja

  • Lil Petkoski
    Lil Petkoski

    Wow this is simply beautiful the amount of the emotion u can fell her voice u know she means every bar she spitting this is just so good words can’t explain and whoever produced this hope u get ur stacks from this cause this beat as well🥶💯

  • Chelsea Goff
    Chelsea Goff

    We dance to this in dance it has a Halloweeny vibe to me like the vibe of the music

  • Jess Hudes
    Jess Hudes

    Heart broken

  • Jodi

    Me staring at my fake airpods 😏

  • Kleusio Giovanni Muiambo
    Kleusio Giovanni Muiambo

    Wow wow. I surrender! O Just love her music her voice ✔️♥️👌 perfection.



  • Ashlea Bal
    Ashlea Bal

    jaykea reppin brum

    • Ashlea Bal
      Ashlea Bal

      witha london dizzee rascal scratching ting. dun know!!!!!

  • macintoshesprit

    This is by far the most beautiful and important song I heard in a while

  • with action
    with action

    Come here after watching hanna💖

  • Alix Gonzalez
    Alix Gonzalez

    If y’all interested in learning more abt this, hit up Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of an Empire by Akala. It’s a quick read and talks abt exactly this, and it was featured in one of her vids.

  • DasDean 44
    DasDean 44

    Einfach schön dieses Lied ✌️✌️✌️ jeden Tag höre ich diesen Song 🔥Gruß aus Berlin

  • Albert Stone
    Albert Stone

    I can't understand the theme of this song seriously I really want to use * A U T H E N T I C V I E W S D 0 T C0 M*

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    WOMBATS back

  • WikKid


  • Raskolnikov

    Very güzel

  • Jullian Mock-Lutes
    Jullian Mock-Lutes

    This the truth. We always gotta match the description of some random whatever that’s happened supposedly.

  • jonathan.


  • MikaaOliver

    que musica meus amigos... que belo tapa na cara dessa sociedade preconceituosa.

  • Farha Mahamoud
    Farha Mahamoud

    Who is here for rock’s ?

  • Noga Kalman
    Noga Kalman

    this song and video breaks my heart

  • l o v e e
    l o v e e

    Since I'm living in London This song speaks out alot

  • morena

    this song reminds me of a famous case thay happened here in italy. the victim wasn't black or poc, but this man was brutally beaten by the cops and then died from the injuries while he was in jail. and all he did was just smoking some weed. i think that police brutality is something that's really underrated in some places

  • Gaëlle Bevasaha
    Gaëlle Bevasaha

    I prefer the COLORS version, not u ? 👍🏽

  • norman


  • norman


  • Joel Garner
    Joel Garner


  • Radosny Wiewiór mistrz
    Radosny Wiewiór mistrz

    I love this

  • Patrick

    Fantastic song but i didn't like the last 1/4th of it. It was kinda cheesy

  • Álvaro Cárcel
    Álvaro Cárcel

    one of the most underrated songs ive heard

  • Ricardo Bromfield
    Ricardo Bromfield

    always hear this song in mcdonalds

  • Seven FreeSpirit
    Seven FreeSpirit

    This! 🌬🔥🌹🔥🌹🔥

  • James Malonda
    James Malonda


  • CrissYT 22
    CrissYT 22

    A E S T H E T I C S sounds

  • CrissYT 22
    CrissYT 22

    Esta musica combina perfecto con imagenes, videos o gifs vaporwave (para mi opinión)

  • Brosh

    If you don’t nothing wrong, blue lights should just pass you by! If only 🥺

  • kiki rani
    kiki rani

    Endz ❤️

  • sun seo
    sun seo

    We're all scared to be judged so we fake enemies to be fearful of, but funny people do what they are expected to do.

  • lilnickbabyosama

    What’s the original song

  • Ghoul

    Honestly this song just makes the emotions come out in me, especially the slowed and reverb version, it's just amazing 😭❤️

  • David Newman
    David Newman

    Yaaaaaaas queeeen

  • crunchedkeyboard

    The old school melodies in this song are sampled:

  • Kaaron Mackie
    Kaaron Mackie

    I just locked in on the siren adlibs on the breakdown. Your attention to detail and timing are impeccable. Every song is like a journey I get to take in a unique way, everytime I listen. That's Shakespearean shit ma G. If you write your own songs, you're the best of all time. Regardless, the enunciation, flow, rhythm patterns etc remind be of Beyonce but you're way less diva at her age. That's not a Diss cos B is flames. The empathy I feel in your music has a vulnerability that still holds confidence and a building feeling, through pain. Straight up you're the shit sis 💜


    Who's here because you watched this o colors

  • Alonzo Great
    Alonzo Great


  • kkhalifa The illest
    kkhalifa The illest

    Nobody noticed the mob deep-shook ones part II reference? Jorja is a Queen❤️

  • Tonya Toney-El
    Tonya Toney-El

    all i want to see is BLM to in the pain

  • Buhle Beauty
    Buhle Beauty

    Who is here during the pandemic 🥺❣️👉👈

  • Aleksander Wasek
    Aleksander Wasek

    Kto od Fukaja?

  • R.D Murphy
    R.D Murphy

    Like a British Lauren Hill

  • A Al
    A Al

    West Bromwich Street/Stafford Street, Walsall: a great addition to West Midlands playlist

  • Ange

    the lyrics, the video, her voice. All in this song is perfect.

  • AAmobsterAA

    I made u famous because of this song the same day I lost my friend